What Laminate Flooring Can I Use On Concrete Basement Floor

If you are looking to cover up that cold and gray concrete basement floor, you’ve got a lot of options at your disposal. One such option is laminate flooring. What we are going to try and do here is explain just what laminate flooring you can use on a concrete basement floor. Laminate flooring comes in all kinds of shapes ...

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How To Finish Concrete Basement Walls

Tired of looking at those cold and bare, unfinished concrete basement walls? Think it’s too hard to tackle yourself? Think again! Read on for some options you have and special tips along the way. Having a home with a basement can be a big time kicker in adding value to the overall price tag, that is if it’s a finished ...

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A Dry Basement Avoiding The Curse

Do you have a leaky or a dry basement? If it’s not dry you have a problem that needs some immediate attention as a homeowner. Getting your basement dry is another chore in itself though and is sometimes better left to the professionals. The greatest nemesis that all basements face is dying an untimely death by water. There really is ...

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