Many gardeners understand that a plant in a container cannot rely on the potting soil for nutrition, at least not forever. Outdoor plants that are growing in the yard are naturally replenished to some extent, by plants and old leaves that are slowly decomposed by rain and microbial action. This accumulated plant debris is a natural fertilizer. Nutritional supplements are ...

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Drawing Up a Vegetable Garden Plan

After you have chosen and measured your garden area, spread out a large sheet of paper—shelf paper will do. Use a simple scale, such as one inch for one foot. Draw lines every 3 inches across the paper to represent walkways 3 feet apart in the plot. Picture the space between the walkways as slightly raised beds. Down each of ...

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What Edibles Should You Plant NOW? May Garden Guide

A good place to start weather you are starting from scratch or developing your garden year by year is to gain wisdom from all you can observe of your landscape. Doing this will minimize gardening pitfalls. Look out your window, walk around your garden area. Collect all the information you can to gain understanding of what and when things should ...

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